Navigating The Void

” Becoming internally empowered shifts a person’s center of gravity from external to internal–a mark of spiritual passage.” – Caroline Myss, Ph.D.

” The act of looking at what we love, remembering what we love, connects us delicately to the underground streams we are seeking to reach.” – Julia Cameron

Encountering and navigating through the void state demands courage, perseverance, a childlike openness, and vulnerability, as well as an adventuresome spirit. During major life shifts, it can feel as if we have lost our moorings and that we are travelling to an unknown and uncharted territory. Following are some navigational tools to accompany you on the journey.

Retreat: Seek solitude and refuge. Slow down to stop and take stock. This is a solo journey and no one else can do it for you. Others can offer solace, guidance, and support– but you hold the ultimate power of choice.

Consciously monitor your link to worldly concerns, diversions and stress producing engagements. These can include reading, watching or listening to the news and excessive dependence on technological gadgetry such as the internet, e-mailing, cell phones, iPhones, texting, Facebook, etc. This is a time to unplug from the outer world, if only temporarily, to focus on your inner terrain without distractions. Self- reflection needs solitude and silence, even if it means intermittent swatches of time.

Cultivate a spiritual practice through prayer, contemplation and sacred time. This will refill the inner well and help you connect to your higher awareness and perspective beyond the small “i”.

Be in nature. Appreciate the beauty of being in a natural setting whether it’s sitting outside, observing your own backyard or gardening; experiencing the aliveness of all your senses in an exquisite landscape; visiting a bird or animal sanctuary, a nature preserve or retreat; taking a walk or run on the beach; communing with a sunrise or taking a sunset cruise; or dancing in the moonlight. Any time spent in nature will calm and replenish you.

Journal your feelings, moods and inner ramblings. Hear yourself think. Help clarify your ruffled and fluctuating emotions by expressing them freely on the page.

Honor all your emotions, the good, the bad, and the ugly! Experience the gamut without judgment. Give yourself permission to feel the depth of your emotional landscape. An all-out private, cleansing cry ( the gushing tears, slobbering kind) is an excellent release and cathartic. A cautionary note: Venting ones emotions privately does not mean the license to indulge them indiscriminately toward others.

“Unclutter” your environment. Sort through things you no longer use or need. Eliminate and recycle them. This energetic vacuum leaves room for the new to enter.

Connect to what gives you joy and inspires your passion for life, such as listening to music, creating, reading inspirational or devotional writings and poetry. Read books about people you admire or about those who overcame their own trials and hardships to live out their dreams.

Reclaim your heart’s desires: those interests and activities that have motivated, enlivened and sparked your enthusiasm in the past. What small steps can you take to revive these dreams and encourage their fulfillment?

Surround yourself with a loving support system of family, friends, mentors, and professionals, such as therapists, counselors, medical practitioners, etc. They can be a good sounding board of support, compassion, and counsel– and they can assist you to ascertain your new direction.

Reassess you top priorities and values. Reacquaint yourself with who you are becoming. How have your values and needs changed from your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, etc.? What are you no longer willing to tolerate or compromise in the next phase of your life?

Practice kind and gentle self-talk and self-care. Refrain from harsh self-judgments and criticisms. Make time to nourish, nurture, and pamper yourself. It’s probably long overdue! Provide yourself with patient self-compassion during this process of a major life transition. Trust that this transformational phase is leading you where you need to go with your soul as the prime navigator.

By Annalene Hart


Entering the Void

During periods of immense change and uncertainty this can often precipitate a void state. You may ask, what exactly is the void? This can be a chaotic time of confusion, discontent, ennui and self-doubt when not that much makes sense in your world. This can also be a wake-up call to retreat, self-reflect, and review the direction of your life and to generally take stock. This is like hitting the cosmic PAUSE button! The crisis can be precipitated by a job loss, the death of a loved one, or a family pet, a divorce, an ending, or a general dissatisfaction with the status quo. This could be a clarion call to stop all frenetic activity and acknowledge a compunction for change beckoning from within.

This passage through the void has also been referred to as, “the dark night of the soul,” where very deep and brooding soul searching occurs, often leading to the gamut of emotions from anxiety and despair to blissful and transcendent mystical experiences. During this phase of self-evolution those nagging questions can no longer be ” a- voided,” such as: “Why am I here?”, “Why am I not content with…”, ” What am I not seeing?” and “Why do I feel lost and disoriented?” and so forth.

In Caroline Myss’s book, ” Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing,” she succinctly describes this process when she states: ‘ The absence of meaning, the loss of self-identity and the need for devotion are the three strongest symptoms indicating a person has entered into the ‘ dark night”…he or she realizes that the cause of  the crisis is within. The inadequacy of the external components of the person’s life is a consequence of the spiritual crisis, not the cause.”

When our soul is calling us to be open to change, there is a need to embrace this chaos, to leap with faith and trust, believing that we will land on our feet with the realization that staying where we are is more painful than moving on to something better and soul filling! Anais Nin sums up the meaning of the void beautifully with these words: “…and then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

This gestation period takes patience prior to rebirth; we cannot stay stuck forever, we must evolve. If you can accept the void as a natural process of sacred initiation and metamorphosis, then you will have a much smoother ride through this unavoidable spiritual growth passage.

By Annalene Hart

This article first appeared in the publication, ” Transformation Magazine.”

The following is an excerpt from an interview that Shereen Sun, the host of the,  Lead from the Heart, Change the World Summit, had with the founder of the Priestess Presence Temple, Elayne Kalila Daughty, in August of 2018.

As Dr. Cornell West said, ” Justice is what love looks like in public.” The highest alignment of justice is with self and spirit. So your ego and divinity are working in cahoots with one another. Your ego is in service to your higher vision. This is the bottom line. We’re asked to give a vibration or an experience of what coherence and integrity feels like so others can awaken to it. ( Got it?) That’s your job. You’re looking for the vibration of integrity. That’s massive role modeling in our world….Sacred business is about a revolution. We are needed right now!…

You need to have the strength within yourself to see the Shadow and the parts you don’t like and the parts you don’t want to be, which you are. Right? That’s the work…We’re all that person and if we can own it…it’s uncomfortable, but it’s a way to grow. Where in your business are you uncomfortable? Think about it- that’s your growth edge…It serves to strengthen that muscle…” I Am,” is essence over soul– higher vibration being…The magic is in the repair.

Accept that in answering the call, you are entering the Mythic Quest. Joseph Campbell said that the nature of the Hero’s Journey is to move beyond the identification with Self to a larger mission– the Calling. That is a path to self-initiation: you are faced, as you step into your mission, with all the challenges and obstacles that are in the way of you fulfilling that destiny! (It’s mythic.) It’s through that process that you find your inner allies to transmute that challenge to the gold of what you’re actually offering. You will be met with resistance!…You’re growing yourself in service to the collective. It amplifies healing for the whole.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 If we as women have our businesses be about sustenance and about taking care of each other and transcending this wound of competition and that we’re not good enough, then we’re really doing the work. When I talk about sacred business, I’m talking about a revolution, not just a way to make money. We are needed right now as being balanced in the world. You’re serving with money. You’ll need support for your challenges. No one’s meant to do it alone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   This is why we have missions, visions and sacred agreements — we write them down. These are the guiding posts by our egos to be questioned by the Integrity Council! The Integrity Council is not out there, it’s IN HERE, in us. It’s helpful to have a support of others– of elders to go to…We have a choice and it’s powerful.

Your Sacred Business

This is an excerpt from an interview with Elayne Kalila Daughty, a psychotherapist, founder of the Priestess Presence Temple and best-selling author and speaker.  Shereen Sun was the host of the ” Lead from the Heart, Change the World” summit where this online interview took place.

” { Our businesses are} in service to our mission and vision, not the other way around. Your business is a soul initiation path. Our business becomes a vehicle for our soul growth. The business has to be in integrity with who we are. ( Which is massive in our world!) It’s an initiation into our own soul growth. As my mentor used to say, ” Is the tongue in your mouth actually aligned with the tongue in your shoe?” Or in other words, are you walking your talk- to live and be in integrity in your business. We, as women, have an opportunity to redefine how we do business. It’s a revolutionary moment that we’re in.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        It’s the rise of the archetype of the Priestess, the divine feminine; our sovereign inner knowing when something is aligned and when it’s not aligned with our divinity, the bigger essence of who we are. Integrity is a vulnerability that disguises nothing. This is medicine. Integrity is about being honest with self about your intentions, your motivations, your impact, where you’re in alignment with the goodness of your actions, and when you’re not. To find the sword of truth that lies within you.

{ We ask ourselves,} what is justice that resonates in the truth of our heart, and when are we stepping off that path? How does this serve the world or is it self-serving? If it’s self-serving, it’s not a sacred business venture! That’s an old patriarchal business paradigm that’s all about ME and you have to bring the ME into relationship with the WE, otherwise, what are we doing!

Sovereign alignment is about sitting on your sovereign throne, operating out of alignment and a position of consciousness that feels wobbly when you’re “off” of your dreams. Check that you are in resonance with your mission, vision and sacred contract. And the truth is, we’re always going to fall off of our center line! We’re not fixed there, we’re always being pulled- we’re human. Do you know when you’re being pulled off center and what is your practice for coming back? That’s what this path is- to choose a resonant field that feels right.”

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In 1997, a group of us decided to travel to Sedona, Arizona on a sacred journey together. We worked with a Guide who took us to the power vortexes on the gorgeous red rocks that we hiked up to and communed on. Towards the end of our journey, we participated in a Sweat-lodge. We were instructed to wear white and no undergarments. Here is a memory from my journal documenting my experience.

” I’m wearing my Initiation- Birthing dress, the long white tunic I wore into the sizzling, fiery, dragon fire-eating tent in Sedona. And emerged as a Goddess, Serpent, Enchantress, spread-winged Being with this name received in the tent: Owl Medicine Woman. I remember hearing this volcanic chanting emerging out of my throat and erupting through my whole being. It was a power I didn’t realize I had, or I had pushed down into silence. And when I received the memory of the name, I kept repeating like a mantra, ” I Am Free, I AM FREE- NOTHING CAN EVER GET IN MY WAY AGAIN!”

I knew I was to complete the journey once I was in the tent. I rocked on my hands and knees and chanted for my life, with my bum catapulted into the air, and my face close to the cool earth so I could breathe. I was soaking wet when I came out and released, in an altered state of divinity- divine calm and self-acceptance. I’d fulfilled my mission and was transformed for life. And my friends looked at me differently. Only one other of us had stayed- Roseanne – my buddy. My chanting helped to keep her going and her presence helped me. Only a few men remained in the tent.

Mike, who was responsible for keeping the fire going, really saw me; looked at me as few people ever have. He truly saw me and told me I was beautiful. We hugged. I felt so honored, valued and cherished by him. This man I hadn’t know prior to the tent but now he knew me and I him. We exchanged reverences. It was his sweat-lodge. He’d provided the space, the opportunity for self-transcendence.”

It was not until years later that I learned that a woman presides over the fire for other women attending, not a man, because men can withstand a higher heat than women. But since both men and women were in attendance that day, it was lead by a man. And an interesting side note is that my cycle for my menses was due on that day, but since we were not wearing underwear, I had no provisions or protection for it if it did start.  Miraculously and thankfully it arrived when I got home that evening!

By Annalene Hart


Here’s an excerpt from my journal on creative flow: I’m feeling in the flow of creativity! There’s a watershed of creative juices bubbling through me- it’s exhilarating.  Though the censor still makes ” his” appearances, unbidden! But I remember Trude’s words: ” You produce the work and God puts in the quality. Your part is the quantity not quality control- that’s up to God.” ( Trude was an Angelic Master Alignment facilitator.) Still, the censor wants to add its two cents. ” So- you think that’s good- huh!”  or ” Is that all?” Or any other dissatisfied, critical comments it can muster. The difference right now is that I’m just so grateful to be doing it and I’m not going to let anything get in the way of that, be it my own thoughts or other people’s opinions.

The other thing that helps is the fact that I feel like the ideas are being channeled, so it really doesn’t have much to do with me anyway. If anything, I’m moving out of the way for it to come through me. That also takes the onus off of “trying” to be, rather than just allowing. Being in the creative flow makes me feel happy and inspired. The definition of an artist, for me, is expressing the love that you are. And I’m expressing it and that’s all that matters. That’s enough. Every other diversion or distraction cannot interfere with this flow. It’s too addictive and bliss inspiring to deter me.  I feel the way I did as a child, when I was excited about waking up to play ( outside, with my dolls, toys, create, whatever). Well, I feel that exuberance again for creating- playing!

What sparks your creative flow? And what interrupts it? I know from experience how the Inner Critic can attempt to derail the creative process by interfering too prematurely. This can disrupt the natural flow of creation by bringing in the editor too soon. We have to practice reminding the Inner Critic to wait till the process has completed itself before he steps in to edit and critique it. His role otherwise is like an obstreperous child, demanding attention and being disruptive. The author SARK gives the floor to her Inner Critics, thanks them for their feedback, gives them another task to do and then returns to her creation. She also consults her Inner Wise Self  ( i.e. Spirit, Higher Self, etc.)  regularly for guidance on all of her projects. She writes an Inner Wise Self Note everyday to herself. Here is an example:

” Dearest Floating Ball of Wonder SARK, or _____________( insert your name) I am with you in all of it. There is never a time you are without my love, my care, my admiration. I see you everywhere. Release future-izing- it is all being handled in ways you cannot see or get to know. Expand your capacities of love, faith and unconditional love. You are a Divinely known Being and being supported as you continue to navigate your luscious, lovable life. I love you utterly, into infinity. Love, Your Inner Wise Self.”

May you joyfully follow your creative Muse!

By Annalene Hart

Annalene is a Creativity Guide and Enchantment Coach.


A Flock of Angels

      By Annalene Hart

One autumn day in 1989, my mother’s friend called to ask if we could
watch her grandchildren, who lived just up the road from us. Normally I
would have accompanied my mother for this neighborhood jaunt, but on
that day, I uncharacteristically decided to blow-dry my hair after a
shower, so my mother headed off alone.

There had been intermittent rainfall, so the roads were quite slippery.
Perhaps because of the rain, my mother became disoriented and concluded
she was definitely lost. Starting to feel agitated and panicky about
getting to her friend’s place in time, she sped up and the car swerved
out of control and went over a cliff!

As my mother (Helena) plummeted, she heard these words: “Helena, you
know we always take care of you!” Rather than panicking about her dire
situation, she felt a deep peace envelop her…even as she heard the
shattering of glass all around her as the windshield and windows blew
out from the impact of the fall. Miraculously, the car landed on an old
barbed-wire fence, clinging to the top of a tree, which caught her like
a net under a trapeze artist.

She assessed the situation and found that her only injury was a scrape
on her hand from the jagged glass while getting out of the car.

In survival mode, she eased herself down an embankment and clawed her
way up to the roadside (which entailed using her brute strength,
grabbing tree branches and foliage to hoist herself up the hill – quite
a feat for a 5-foot, 2-inch woman wearing Hush Puppies with no traction!).

Once she’d reached the side of the road, she flagged down the car of a
compassionate couple who drove her home. When my mother got home and
told me her harrowing experience, she started shaking uncontrollably as
the reality of what she had endured began to sink in.

It was God’s goodness – and probably a flock of angels – that protected
my precious mother that fateful day. Thanks to this miracle, we were
blessed with another 26 years together on Earth.

Annalene Hart is an Enchanted Living Life Coach, poet, and visionary
artist who creates soul paintings. She has inspired her clients to
pursue and realize their dreams. She conducts individualized Magical
Child sessions to help activate the participant’s innate creativity and
imagination. www.mydivineenchantedlife.wordpress.com

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